While working on League of Legends I had several responsibilities which included character concepts, UI, Visual Effects, and 3D Environment modeling and texturing. In that time, I had my hand in creating quite a few of the characters including Garen, Warwick, Ashe, Morgana, Alistar.
This is the original Login screen that I had created for the launcher. 
I was responsible for creating the layout , design, and Painting/texturing of the ui.
This iis how I begin the layout process for ui establishing the size and position of they key components.
I created the ui art for the out off game menus.
An earlier version of the out of game menus without content.
I created several environment assets including buildings, props, and foliage.
I created a few  VFX as well . This is an AOE effect for Playable Champion
Projectile and explosion effect for Playable Champion
AOE effect for Playable Champion
AOE effect for Playable Champion
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